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I was checking the Friends list and thought to myself that it might be nice to write here again.

So I'm back from the NJCL convention, on account of which my LiveJournal was deleted for several weeks (though undeleted immediately before for a morning-after pill debate on cette_vie's journal), and on the whole, I think it was a valuable experience.

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But now I'm back in the real world, and am only now in the process of working myself out of a personal slump. Although I described myself liberally as an "antisocial ball of stress" to all and sundry who noticed my pre-convention funk, the convention actually had precious little to do with it. I'm not sure what it was (by which I mean to say I know exactly what it was and don't want to discuss it), but I've felt ridiculously unmotivated and generally far less of a person than I was a year ago. I'm definitely looking forward to getting my proverbial shit together and hauling ass over to Cambridge in three weeks or so.

On the Harvard front: the only thing left to do before Cambridge is a go is get the fricking termbill correct, and my roommate assignment may theoretically arrive today. But then again, FDO lost not one, but two of my previous housing applications, so there's no guarantee I'll know anything before Friday.

This week is basically work combined with a battery of doctor's appointments. Off to see the general practicioner on Tuesday, my optometrist on Wednesday, and the dentist on Thursday. On Friday I'll be leaving at 12 AM with my dad to drive down to Washington, DC to get my UK passport, now that his birth certificate has arrived from England. And I've almost finished settling the rest of my big-people obligations in preparation for a trip to somewhere - I'm not sure where - next week.

People in Boston: it would be nice to see you at some point if you're not overly busy.

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I'm suspending my LiveJournal until Monday, the eighth of August, because at the moment, there's too much to be done on the computer without having such an irresistable distraction as this.

I'll be on AIM from time to time, and I'll still be checking my e-mail regularly.

Photopost upon conclusion of NJCL convention!

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my mood is still an unsigned int, despite the fact my entry was eaten

SALIENT PREFATORY NOTE: Happy birthday, meretricula dear! I should have posted it yesterday.
IRRELEVANT PREFATORY LINK: Margaret Thatcher slash

While I was walking to work today, I realized the many comforting certainties that come with a life of routine. Latin School had its own particular epileptic rhythm, yes, but I actually sincerely enjoy the ebb and flow of existence right now.

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Mom is off in the Netherlands right now (as much as I love the Netherlands, I'm glad for her - she deserves her vacation), and in her absence, I've added a new ritual that's perhaps the most pleasant of all: eating breakfast with Dad. Typically, for the last three weeks Mom would shake me awake at twenty minutes of seven - enough time to dress and ablute hapazardly and forget to pack something important in my bag. But now, I'm up at twenty minutes of six (although my alarm goes off at a quarter past five), I shower, I put on coffee, fix myself some toast and fruit, and sit on the couch with Dad, drinking, eating, watching the news, and enjoying the pleasure of light conversation with him. Because Jacob has taken to incredibly erratic sleeping patterns, he's never awake before I leave for work, which lends a peaceful, beautiful intimacy to time with Dad. That sort of easy being is what I'm going to miss the most when I head across the river in September.

In a large part, though, my unusually good mood is based in my lovely evening with eala yesterday. Collapse ) In short, it completely rocked.

Pleasant surprises online as well: opening a gay hotel in the third world with thiscoinferno, thegrubbie05 and The Men Who Love Her, keyboard de-griming with cette_vie, and a challenging conversation with impensada over Darfur (which began, auspiciously enough, with my going to Hell).

All this is leading up oh-so-very nicely to next Monday, when, in the words of Dad, "[I] earn the legal right to fuck up my life". Yes, it's the Emancipation Birthday. Celebrations will probably be postponed until Mom's return from Europe (it's just not a party without pie, in my opinion). Things I plan to do:

  • Go to that stupid, piece of shit jewelry party at Castra and photograph all of the test prep books Ms. Bauer is too anal to let out of her sight.
  • Open bank accounts with Bank of America that have nothing at all to do with those of my parents. Although I'm sure I'll get funny looks for depositing $6,000 in cash. V. sketchy.
  • Get my U.S. passport, again.
  • Get my learner's permit without my dad having to give his consent.
  • BUY PORN. I think. Though I'm not sure where, or how I plan to do so.

    Also, as far as the dating "scene" goes, I'll magically be transformed from a socially awkward, woefully inexperienced, and unattractive member of the homogeneously slutty seventeen-and-under demographic to a naïve piece of "fresh meat" for forty-year-old perverts in the far more heterogeneously slutty eighteen-and-over demographic. At least that's what I'm inferring; thiscoinferno or the other "older men" on my f-list may correct me appropriately.

    That said, I'm off to spend time with my homies Allen and Greenough, even though Morford and Lenardon are probably the ones I need to hang out with. Myth isn't going to learn itself, but grammar is sexier.

    Ta, all.
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    Well, I'll be damned. Never saw that one coming.

    I suppose it's the highest form of flattery...

    And I never thought I'd get to use this particular tag again.


    And 59,000,000 people in the country cried "Holy Shit." I'm really, really, really worried.

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    one of those arbitrary things

    I've developed an interesting inability to go to sleep before 1 in the morning of late, and with the oddness of the BLS schedule, you wouldn't think that'd be a problem. With a power nap on the train, I'm normally refreshed enough to get my "work" done in the morning.

    After half an hour's wait for our FileMaker database that contains the forwarding information to do some turnover, the actual morning's forwarding can usually be taken care of before 9 AM. Which always leaves the question of how to murder the long stretch between then and noon in which there's nothing to do.

    Yesterday, it was Buffy. I was watching Buffy on my laptop, at work, and no one cared. LiveJournal is fine. Facebook is fine. AIM Express is fine. In fact, virtually anything is fine.

    Except a catnap.

    Let's consider the benefits of napping. It refreshes the employee, giving a little more gusto to the attack on the piles of mail to forward. It conserves electricity and bandwidth - while I nap, so does the computer. And it just makes the useless parts of the day go past much faster. Nevertheless, my boss Chris tells me that it's the one thing that would get me fired on the spot if his boss Dave saw me.

    Does that make any practical sense at all? It's flimsy, arbitrary, shortsighted things like this that annoy the living daylights out of me. It has already been established that I only do between 2 and 3 hours of work per day, shredding included. It has already been established that HUMS is willing to pay me for doing nothing of any value. It basically makes as much sense as a man hiding himself in a cherry tree by painting his balls red.


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    the only non-shallow thing on gay_boys today

    A historic ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court allows public confiscation of property for any private use.

    Sheesh, this is creepy. When I agree with Antonin Scalia and William Rehnquist, the apocalypse must indeed be nigh.

    Honestly, I can't say that this ruling affects me directly and personally (considering I own no property subject to eminent domain, as far as I know), but the sheer idea of local and state governments being allowed to seize whatever land they want as the lackeys of private investors is a terrifying concept, especially as it applies to conservation law.

    It's an interesting read, for anyone who's bored.

    (Yes, my work is done for the day. What a scam.)
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